5 Books of Norse Majesty

Welcome Svillander!

To a world of war and glory, to a world of ice and death, to theworld of Svilland. Here, you will find the warmest hearths of the vikingr Svillanders, the nomadic Kuning, the clans of the dvergr,and the tribes of half-jotunns. You will sail the stormy seas withyour longship and travel in the dangerous wildernesses that themonsters of this mythology call home. Svilland offers you thepath to glory and Valhalla, as long as you have what it takes tosurvive in this unforgiving land.

The Norse Campaign Setting for 5E

Inspired by the true Norse mythology, Svilland offersyou everything for an epic adventure or campaign in theworld of the vikingr. In this book, you will find lots of newcharacter options from different ancestries to classes,from archetypes to backgrounds, from items to spells; alldesigned and inspired by Norse culture.

A Vast World to Explore

As a GM, you will find Svilland fascinating to work on.Your players will come across various plot hooks andinteresting rumors concerning even the smallest hamletsin its vast and detailed geography. Its perspective of thedeities will let both you and your players explore thephilosophy behind the Norse pantheon. The societiesin this world are multilayered and dynamic, most ofwhich have detailed political backgrounds, and cults andorganizations that all have various specific goals. Thereare also many monsters and interesting NPCs that live inthis world, but that also fit any other Norse themed gameyou play.


This is it, the one we always wanted if you are a hardcore fan of Norse mythology. It is a great setting, dark, rich and deadly. This will be at the top of my list of games for many many years.

— Nick

This linear story is written quite well and gives you a whistle stop tour of many places in Svilland. It sees characters get initiated as a 'Warband'; a title that seems to hold a lot of esteem and the story will have players fighting hard battles at the request of those less fortunate and less capable. A true zero to hero story, this module definitely works for groups of players who like to be heroic and not wander a morally grey line (without some work).

— Gary

A really good setting book that has fantastic art, huge lore of the setting and norse mythology and way of life. It shows that the homework was done to research all things norse. This product can be used in conjuction with AD&D "Vikings Campaign Sourcebook" for any norse related adventure. This book has more 5E content than any official 5E book other than player's handbook. If you like anything related norse, you can certainly use this book even if you don't game in 5E system. A good solid third party book.

— Grim