A Delicious Take On 5E! A Campaign Setting and Adventure Saga that includes edible and tasty player options, and adventures!

Tasty Archetypes

The setting book offers 12 archetypes, each designed to mirror the sweet and sour culture of Silverplate. Let the sugar feed your rage as a Path of Sugar Rush barbarian, have the spirits of vegetables assist you as a Vegetable Guerilla Conclave ranger, or awaken, vitalize and purify your party members as a Rejuvenation Domain cleric! 

New Faith!

Religion plays an important role for foodfolk, and as such, there are plenty of temples and shrines in Silverplate. The folk here are faithful, many pray and make sacrifices to their deities. While some cities are overrun with the followers of the Goddess of Utensils, the wilderness is teeming with the cultists of the God of Waste and Pests. Some say there are higher powers in motion, cosmic entities known to the people of Silverplate as the Cook, the Baker, and the , all of which are feared and respected by all. 


Blight of the Green Witch and Other Adventures is a 244-page hardcover book of adventures that provides 5 compelling 5E adventures. In each adventure, players will go on unique quests and find the chance to explore different regions of Silverplate; each full of unique monsters, NPCs, and magic items.