Kingdoms of Svilland

Kingdoms of Svilland

Svilland is a land of rich history and breathtaking geography that is both fascinating and challenging. This land has been the refuge for the brave Svillanders who escaped the brutal Black Winter and sheltered themselves amidst insuperable dangers. To the North, the mighty mountains called Ymir's Lashes stand tall, while the East is occupied by the great marshes known as Mudland. The Southern border connects Svilland to the South Sea, making it a unique and fascinating destination.

Most of the inhabitants of Svilland are settled in the area between these three dangerous zones. Most live in villages and towns, producing simple materials, hunting animals, and they busy themselves with feasts and religious rituals. But the dauntless Svillanders did not stop at small villages and towns. They established three kingdoms Nionaem, Alsvartr, and the Green Lights of the East, each ruled by powerful monarchs and with their political agendas.

Nionaem is a kingdom in the west, ruled by the prophet of Aegir. Alsvartr is struggling with internal disturbances and is divided between an uncle and his nephew. The Green Lights of the East is before Mudland where residents live under the rule of a powerful monarch, Bergljot the Queen.

Despite the challenges posed by the geography, the residents of Svilland are resilient and determined to survive. They have created a unique culture, where music, storytelling, and religious rituals play a vital role. As a visitor to Svilland, you will be captivated by its history, culture, and geography.

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