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Svilland Campaign Setting

Svilland Campaign Setting

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Svilland is a Norse Mythology inspired D&D 5E campaign setting; it is designed to bring the valour, brutality and drama from Norse tales to your roleplaying games. The game is compatible with 5E, but its theme and dynamics are very different than your usual high fantasy game. Sure, there is magic in this realm, plenty of it even. Yet, it is given in a way that reflects omens, spirits, runes and Norse deities with their true forms in the mythology. In Svilland you will learn the true meaning of blood, magic, raids, and wrath of the gods.

Svilland has more than 200 pages of content that delve into the Norse culture and mythology. The campaign setting is described in detail with its unique history, geography, deities, and interesting cults. Within the setting, you will also find new races, classes, dozens of archetypes, backgrounds, feats, accompanied by numerous spells, magic items, monsters, and NPCs.

Classes and Archetypes - The cleric and paladin are redesigned to reflect their cultural counterparts; the gothi, and the alle. In the setting, there are also two new classes: Runewalkers who cast their spells with the runes of Odin, and seidrs who cast magic guided by nature and the spirits. Furthermore, the archetypes are designed to mirror the atmosphere and the culture of Norse mythology.

Backgrounds - Drawing from the new backgrounds, you can start your character as the karl of a house, or as a person destined to fulfill a plan of the deities.

Feats - Svilland offers new feats to empower your character in this cruel setting. For instance, draugr slayer feat would be useful when fighting against Hel’s army of the dead, especially in the time of Freyja’s Tears.

Runic Spells - Svilland has more than a hundred spells that are nourished with the mystic depth of Norse magic. You will be able to use runic magic to tap into the potential of the Futhark runes.

Magic Items - Each of the dozens of magic items Svilland has to offer, comes with its own backstory and possible plot hooks in addition to the cool new features it brings to the game.

Runestones - On top of the types of magic items you are used to in other 5th Edition contents, Svilland also has runestones. They are a different type of magic items that take their essence from the potential of the runes, which they carry within.

Monsters - The monsters in Svilland are all based on Norse mythology. Here, you will find some monsters that you haven’t heard of anywhere; that is, unless you are familiar with the many folktales of real Norse culture.

NPCs - NPCs of Svilland include the powerful figures of the three kingdoms it harbors, such as the queen of the Green Lights of the East, as well as adventurers and wanderers that are famous on the land.

Wandering in the True Norse

The vast landscape of Svilland is roughly equal to the size of Scandinavia. Its geographical features are just as beautiful as they are unforgiving. The mighty mountains called Ymir’s Lashes cover the North, great marshes called Mudland occupy the East, and the Southern border connects Svilland to the South Sea. Most of the inhabitants of the land are settled in the area that lies between all three. The land is divided into three kingdoms; Nionaem, Alsvartr, and Green Lights of the East, all three of which have their own characteristics, challenges, and benefits.

In the lore section of the setting, many interesting stories, characters, and plot hooks await: Every single place in Svilland, even the smallest hamlet, has unique tales and touches inspired by those of the Norse mythology for you to have an in-depth experience in a fitting atmosphere that transports you into this cold, mythic reality.

Wandering the wilderness, you will find that dangers lurk in Svilland in many forms; not only in the form of beasts or monsters as one might be used to but also in the form of strange and harsh weather conditions. Svillanders believe that most of the unique weather-related phenomena are relevant to the deeds of the deities. The Red Snow, a perfect example of unorthodox weather conditions is included in the trailer above.

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