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Svilland Complete Collection

Svilland Complete Collection

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Get the whole Svilland TTRPG collection in PRINT for a decent discount!


  • Svilland Campaign Setting: The core setting book of Svilland that includes geography, characters, monsters, as well as new player options such as many archetypes, backgrounds, races and more!
  • Freyja’s Tears: The epic adventure for Svilland that spans all the way from 1st to 20th level. The best way to experience Svilland with an adventure!
  • South Sea: The expansion book for Svilland that includes the South Sea and its islands. It also has new players options as well as geography, characters, and monsters. Includes new cool mechanic for naval combat and voyaging with long ships!
  • Into the Wolf’s Maw: A short, 3 to 4 session adventure for Svilland that is great for having a quick taste!
  • Untold Sagas: Myths and history of Svilland, along with beautifully written poetry, await you in this book!
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