Cook Yourself!

Cook Yourself!

For Silverplate we developed a new system for race creation; Cook Yourself. As a player, you decide whether you want to play as a deliciously dangerous hamburger, a vicious pirate cup of tea, or an unyielding hero pie, and your character gains features depending on what food you are.

    To create a tasty character, you need to decide what kind of delicacy you are by choosing character tags

    There are pools of features under each tag. Once you choose at least one character tag from each of the categories given below, you have access to the features listed under it, meaning you can choose your own features from this pool.
    The total number of points of the features you choose can’t exceed 40. To elaborate, you can choose ten 4-point features, three 12-point features and one 4-point feature, or any other combination of features of your choice as long as the sum of their points does not exceed 40. The point cost of each feature has been given in parentheses next to it. Build your own character in the way you like. Cook yourself!
    Note that these features and tags are meant to act as guidelines for character creation in Silverplate. You can create new features or even new tags with the approval of the GM. 

    What is meant by “character tags” are the answers to the following questions:

    What Are You? You can be either a Food or a Beverage.

    How Do You Taste? Your taste can be Bitter, Sweet, Sour, Salty, or Savory. Depending on the food or beverage you choose, you can have only one flavor, or you can have many.

    Which Ingredients Do You Have? Your recipe can include Fruit(s), Vegetable(s), Grain(s), Meat, or Dairy. Depending on the food or beverage you choose, you can be made of only one ingredient, or you can be made of many.

    How Were You Cooked? You can be Baked, Fried/Roasted, Boiled/Steamed, Fresh, Dried, Grilled/Smoked, or Blended/Squeezed. Depending on the food or beverage you choose, you can go through just one process, or you can go through many.

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