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Svilland Starter Pack

Svilland Starter Pack

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Dive right into the heart of Norse culture with the Svilland Starter Pack, your essential bundle for epic roleplaying adventures. This pack features the "Svilland Campaign Setting," a unique 5E setting that brings the valor, brutality, and drama of Norse tales to life. Unlike typical high fantasy, Svilland focuses on a world where magic mirrors omens, spirits, and the gods themselves, offering a fresh take on 5E gameplay that's rich with Norse mythology's true essence.

Included in the bundle is "Freyja's Tears," an adventurous saga that propels a warband from the quaint beginnings of a small town to the ominous depths of Helheim, aiming for characters to reach 20th level. Designed for mature audiences, this journey is filled with intense themes and graphic content, from human sacrifice to the visceral realities of a Norse-inspired world. Get ready to immerse your players in an unforgettable adventure that tests their bravery against the darkest pits of Norse legend.

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