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Mindabar - The City of Malice

Mindabar - The City of Malice

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Welcome to Mindabar, the city of malice!

Welcome, welcome dear wicked ones, to our beloved city of Mindabar! In this city, you are free to do anything you want! We are not limited by the laws or the morality of petty deities. We are free from it all!

Imagine how would you feel when there is no one to tell you what you can do, or no one to prevent you from doing what you want. This is how it feels like to live in Mindabar. Here, you can display your art no matter how unorthodox or grotesque it is. You can study your magic or focus on your academic work without any wizards guild to tell you that it is forbidden. You can eat, drink, and have fun to excess. You can even murder people for sport!

Just be careful not to disrespect our ever-powerful primordial being of destruction, Sabnock, and its prophet Aborath. They, and their Temple of Destruction are the true masters of our city. Still, have no fear, as long as you are respectful and devoted to their teachings, the only boundary for your life here exists in your imagination!

Mindabar is an evil-themed campaign setting for 5E. The setting consists of a giant city called Mindabar, a city that can appear in any realm, anywhere. It invites people who have pure wickedness in their hearts to fill its streets.

This campaign setting is suited for those who wish to play a campaign or adventure in an urban fantasy, for character parties of both good and evil. Evil characters can have the time of their lives here, as there are no laws, no boundaries, and no limits to wickedness in here. On the other hand, good characters can try to infiltrate or assault this gargantuan city, to try and destroy a dangerous primordial and its lich prophet.

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