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[Pre Order] Heritage of the Damned

[Pre Order] Heritage of the Damned

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Get ready to experience the merciless setting of Tolia in a whopping adventure of over 250 pages! In the Heritage of the Damned, you will be wrongfully accused, condemned, meet the very heads of Kanrath, the city of vampires, and get a chance to change the course of history in this brutal city; perhaps even in Tolia itself.

Heritage of the Damned is designed for a party of four 1st-level characters. It’s a long and detailed 5E adventure that takes place in Tolia, a region in the Bloodpunk setting. The journey begins in Kanrath, the vampire city, continues through the railroad and the Garrote Mountains, and ends in Cyherested, the sorcerer city. The characters are a bunch of random unlucky people living in Kanrath who are caught in the middle of the struggles between a group of cultists trying to awaken an ancient vampire, anti-vampire rebels, royal vampires, and powerful sorcerers.

The adventure starts in the dark gothic city of Kanrath. The city is mostly inhabited by mortals, yet, the vampiric hierarchy holds the reins of the city through sheer supernatural power. The characters are mortals leading their day-to-day lives in this city, who are suddenly arrested for crimes they haven’t committed. They will be prosecuted, imprisoned, and executed; but, a twist of fate will bring them back to life and force them to pursue the mystery that has revived them. This pursuit will eventually take the characters to Cyherested where they shall unearth many mysteries and overcome many challenges that an ordinary mortal wouldn’t even dream of.

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