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Corpus Angelus - The Codex of Good

Corpus Angelus - The Codex of Good

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Get the Aid of the Angels

We are proud to present Corpus Angelus; a book filled with the stuff of heroes, with righteous stories of angels and the brave warriors, clerics, and soldiers that support them in their never-ending struggle to snuff out evil. In over 350 pages, this book contains a great deal of content and new rules of the righteous that can be used by players and Game Masters alike!

As a player, you can use this book to flesh out your heroes and thus your stories, using more than 30 archetypes, 6 races, over 100 spells and more; all of which this book provides and all of which shall help anyone with noble intentions on any endeavor they may uındertake.

As a Game Master, you can create more realistic characters with deeper motives using the system of devotions paths, find ways of bringing back the most lost of souls through the system of redemption, and find new ways to bring evil to its knees through the many more thrilling mechanics in the pages of this book!

Keep in mind, this book can be used for both evil and good campaigns. For it takes the purest of hearts to cleanse the most corrupt of souls, and the greatest heroes to defeat the most vile villains.

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