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[Pre Order] Bloodpunk Campaign Setting - A Guide to Tolia

[Pre Order] Bloodpunk Campaign Setting - A Guide to Tolia

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Welcome to Tolia; a land of two tyrannous cities and an unforgiving wilderness. Walk the streets of the cities ruled by authoritarian vampires or sorcerers, or get lost in the dog-eat-dog nature as you discover this ruthless land.

In this book, which can be used by both Game Masters and players, you’ll get to explore a world that runs on blood, not metaphorically but literally, and find many races, archetypes, backgrounds, feats, monsters, NPCs - and much more - that are native to the lands of Tolia. You’ll witness instances of despotism, cruelty, injustice and the everlasting effects of a long history of rivalry and animosity between the Crimson City ruled by vampires, and the City of Deceit ruled by sorcerers.

As the name suggests, Bloodpunk presents a world where technology runs on blood (and a semi-magical crystal called “angst”), which have allowed the civilization in this realm to develop immensely. With the invention of bloodwork automatons and bloodwork weapons, the technology of the realm has reached unforeseen peaks, and is waiting for you to use in your games as you wish.

Whether players seek to uphold and contribute to the status quo or become part of the rebellious masses who refuse to be part of the tyrannical regime, Tolia awaits, yearning to be experienced and examined by TTRPG lovers.

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