Lost Sagas: The Saga of the Howling Dead

Lost Sagas: The Saga of the Howling Dead

Greetings, Svillanders, and welcome to the unveiling of the first chapter of the Lost Sagas. You are now embarking on the first of thirteen sagas, each a hidden fragment of Svilland's shadowed past. These sagas chronicle epochs where extraordinary heroes and formidable foes traversed realms of frost, fear, and despair.

Behold, the opening passage of this epic journey awaits you. Should your thirst for the full narrative beckon, click here to download the PDF, or immerse yourself in the tale's echoes by listening to the story below.

Embark with us as we unveil the thirteen sagas, each a testament to the enduring spirit of Svilland.

I am called Gyrin Frostblood, daughter of Garli Runebearer and Heldi Runebearer of Berzog’ul. It has been demanded of me to record this report by the leader of the Rune Keepers and my teacher Thorolf “Boneaxe”; the Runebearer of Berzog’ul. Although I am a rune warrior deemed a skilled rune writer by my masters, I have never been good at words and have always been better at swinging frozen hammers, yet I will do my best to tell you the unimaginable horrors I and my friends witnessed.



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