Knighthood - A Short Guide

Knighthood - A Short Guide

Knighthood is a code of conduct followed and accepted by the bravest and most honorable warriors of every sort. Every order of knighthood has its agendas and codes, which its members hold dear. However, knights are generally known and expected to be valorous, honorable, and solemn.

Knight Orders

Each knight order focuses on a different concept such as justice, mercy, honor, valor, and grace. Therefore, knights of specific orders must embrace their order’s values and must represent them to perfection. For example, a knight of justice must be fair and just in all circumstances, while a knight of mercy should seek to spare lives and try to help the weak in any way possible. Many orders as well as their requirements and benefits are given below, in the List of Knight Orders section.

Life as a Knight

A knight’s life is one dedicated to a certain value. A knight is not an easy thing to be. A knight must uphold their order at all costs and undertake the tasks it entails at every turn. They must be the shining example of their orders’ values. Anyone can live by certain codes; what distinguishes knights is that they are the very embodiment of the codes they represent. A knight treats both their inferiors and their superiors with respect; the preservation of the order and unity between knights is essential in a knight’s life.
Each knight order is a different path to walk. A knight’s life can be full of journeys where the knight is always on the path to hunt evil, or it may be an immobile life dedicated to the protection of a holy ground. That being said, almost every knight is respected by both the common folk and the knights of any order whose values do not clash with their own. Therefore, they are very welcome in villages, towns, and cities. In any place of civilization, being a knight is one of the greatest honors anyone can achieve.

How to Become a Knight

Anyone with the discipline to embrace a knight order’s code of conduct can become a knight. Knighthood, therefore, is not as simple a matter as holding a blade and donning shiny plate armor. There are many types of knights; a wizard can be a magister knight, and a fighter can be a warrior knight. Generally, one must first become a knight’s squire in order to become a knight. A squire is a knight’s right-hand person who tends the knight’s weapons, shields, and mounts. As the squire gets more practice with time, the knight can decide to
introduce the squire to their order. In other circumstances one can apply to become a knight order by paying them a visit. If they prove their worth and loyalty, they are permitted to join the ranks of the order. Similarly, a knight order can get in touch with someone of great honor known for great deeds, and ask them to join the order. Once a creature becomes a squire, it gains the Squire feat. If a character is asked to become a knight as a direct result of their deeds, they don’t need to take the Squire feat before taking the Knight feat. The GM should immediately give the following feats to the characters if they acquire the right to be a squire or a knight.


A knight has accepted you as a squire. Now, you must accompany your master at all costs, carry their belongings, obey their orders, and learn how to act and react to your surroundings in a knightly manner. By doing so, you shall adapt to the honorable life of a knight, hoping one day you may become one. Once per day, when you successfully fulfill a difficult task given by your knight, you earn inspiration. The GM determines whether you earn this inspiration or not.


Prerequisite: Squire, or a great achievement
You have been promoted and became a knight. You are now a symbol of honor, bravery, and hope. You gain the following benefits:
• You can have a squire for whom you are responsible. You must train them and keep them safe. Your squire’s level cannot exceed half your level.
• You have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation and Persuasion) checks.
• When you join one of the knighthood orders listed below, you can choose to take its feat. Therefore, if you join the Order of Heroes, for instance, you can acquire the Order of Heroes feat. If you do not take the feat corresponding to the order you’ve joined, you can increase an ability score of your choice by 1, up to a maximum of 20.


This article is taken from Corpus Angelus Chapter II - Offerings of Angelic Powers

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