DRS 2024: A Year of Adventure and Innovation

DRS 2024: A Year of Adventure and Innovation

Greetings, everyone! We trust your days have been as exhilarating and fruitful as ours. As we delve further into the promising landscape of 2024, we're thrilled to unveil our ambitious plans that are set to ignite a wave of excitement within the community. So, adventurers, fasten your seatbelts as we reveal what awaits in the months ahead!

Echoes: A Shattered Setting

Our journey begins with the much-anticipated Echoes: A Shattered Setting Kickstarter campaign, which is currently live and trending! We are thrilled to bring this devastated world and its adventures to life.

The DRS Guide Series

Embrace the knowledge with our new series, the DRS Guide, where we delve into various aspects of 5E games in separate books. We are confident that these books, which will be treated as separate campaigns on Backerkit, will thrill both veterans and newbies! The Guide to series comprises relatively small books, with two of them already written, edited, and ready for layout.

Upcoming Guides

DRS Guide to Monster Hunting : Uncover the secrets and strategies for dealing with different kinds of monsters. We are planning to launch the project on April

DRS Guide to the Masterminds of Crime: Navigate the underworld while facing cunning adversaries. The launch date is not clear yet.

Stay tuned for the intriguing topics of our 3rd and 4th guides, the campaigns for which are scheduled to be in September and December, as we continue to explore the vast world of 5E.

Corpus Draconis Kickstarter Campaign

Prepare for the continuation of our successful Corpus Collection with Corpus Draconis. This Kickstarter campaign, scheduled for July 2024, will revolve around everything dragon-related, introducing new mechanics that promise to elevate your game experience to new heights, as done with other books of this series like Corpus Angelus and Corpus Malicious.

Svilland: Lost Lands of Orfhal

We’ll cap everything off with the long-awaited Svilland North Expansion Kickstarter project, scheduled for October. This campaign introduces two compelling books - a Setting Book and an Adventure Book - each opening a new chapter in the ever-expanding Svilland universe. Below is a teaser for both books, just in case you’re as excited about this as we are!

Setting Book

It’s time to explore a land long abandoned by Svillanders; Orfhal. We venture to the frozen north of Svilland and meet many tribes of Orfhal, delve into new dungeons, and fight against the oppressing forces of frost jotunns and their deadly tyrant Odd. Witness the destruction of the Black Winter and be ready to face the challenges of surviving in an icy wasteland.

Adventure Book

In this adventure, you can explore the lands of Orfhal with two different warbands, since the events of both parties collide. The great city of Thorath is surrounded by adversaries and her queen Bergjlöt needs assistance desperately. As the loyal warriors of the kingdom of Green Lights of The East, join the defense and uncover the mystery behind the siege of Thorath. Simultaneously, in the north far from Thorath, a small tribe in Orfhal is plagued with the never-ending chilling breeze and famine since their newly chosen scouts have been captured by the jotunns. As the children of this cold land, you must escape and save your tribe from imminent demise.

As we stand on the brink of a remarkable year, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Stay tuned for updates, and be ready to embark on these incredible journeys with DRS. Adventure awaits, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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