Corpus Draconis Dev Update #1

Corpus Draconis Dev Update #1

There’s nothing quite like revisiting a beloved title! Like we’ve mentioned in our 2024 update, this year is gonna be huge for our earlier releases. We’re hitting the year hard, with Corpus Draconis, Svilland, and a fresh Bloodpunk project lined up for campaigns on Kickstarter and Backerkit. Today, we’re diving into Corpus Draconis to give you the scoop on what you can expect.

As the title may have clued you in, this newest addition to the Corpus Collection is all about dragons! As you may remember, our decision to develop Corpus Malicious and Corpus Angelus - the previous two titles of the Corpus Collection - was to create two versatile supplements that filled certain voids in 5E games. Similarly, we believe that in 5E, dragons haven’t gotten the spotlight they deserve. So, this time around, the entire project is going to be based on these majestic creatures!

Let’s start off with the numbers. With Corpus Draconis, we’re cooking up 2 new classes, 24 fresh archetypes, a whole lot of new feats and backgrounds, a brand-new pantheon, spells galore, some neat new rule sets, magic items, organizations, 80 new monsters, and a heap of new NPCs. Even in the early stages of development, we can see Corpus Draconis’s extreme potential to match or exceed the quality of Corpus Angelus and Corpus Malicious, and we’re fired up to say the least!

All things considered, this book is going to be a big one, we can promise you that!

How Do We Do That?

You might be thinking, “Evil and celestials are such broad concepts, but dragons - aren’t they a bit more specific?” It’s true. Dragons usually fall into two camps: Chromatic (the generally evil bunch) and Metallic (those on the good side). Our aim is to broaden the horizon, adding depth and variety, rather than just piling on more dragons to the existing Chromatic and Metallic categories. With that, and the well-thought-out pantheon that we’re currently crafting for them, we hope to give these magnificent creatures a book that is truly worthy. So, yes, the theme might seem more narrow, but that’s exactly why we’re writing this book! 


The Setting Out, Lairs In

For our previous Corpus titles, we’ve designed small-scale, versatile settings perfect for city adventures. But this time, we wanted to shake things up a little. We’re putting together a whole new book dedicated to Lairs. The plan? To craft dynamic lairs that’ll bring your tabletop to life. With these lairs, players will get a taste of true dread in the heart of dragon nests. 


As we are very early in the production of the book, this is all the information we have for you for now. However, every month, we’ll give you more news on the process and sneak peeks of the artwork.  

With love and gratitude, 

The DRS Team

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