Bloodpunk: Shadow Heresy

Bloodpunk: Shadow Heresy

Exciting news for dark fantasy and vampire lore enthusiasts! We're thrilled to introduce Bloodpunk: Shadow Heresy, a captivating new chapter in the Bloodpunk universe. Delve into the enigmatic realm of Tolia, a world rich in mystery and drenched in blood. Uncover the secrets of the Founder and face the rising power of the Shadow Lord in an epic saga that will leave you spellbound.

Bloodpunk: Shadow Heresy marks the beginning of an expansive lore extension within the Bloodpunk series. Expect more enthralling stories and exclusive freebies as we explore this dark and visceral universe together.

Dive into the intrigue with a sneak peek! You can read the first paragraph of the lore below. Plus, unlock a 10-page PDF filled with gripping details when you join our newsletter. Immerse yourself in the shadows of Tolia and become part of the legend today: 

Tolia has always been a harsh environment, posing a threat throughout known history and prompting people to build cities for collective safety, as historians believe. This threat found a form in the Founder for a while. Revered by some and dreaded by others, the Founder altered history by defeating the Sun’s son, consuming him, and acquiring vampirism as a curse. He introduced a new way of life and molded Kanrath into its present state. Known mainly as the Founder, he embodies various titles: the father of vampires, the skilled magician, the master alchemist, the archmage of blood, the cursed one, the monstrous figure, and even a god-like entity. His godly status ended when he was slain by his own vampire progeny. Although they managed to put the Founder into a deep slumber, the Crimson King and his followers couldn’t obliterate him. Such an ancient being could not be truly destroyed.

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