The City Settings

The City Settings

Loniel - The Floating City of Angels

Welcome to Loniel, the Floating City of Angels,home to all kinds of good creatures and their cultures.Once the playground for all kinds of evil, Loniel now hosts the creme de la creme of heroes, and has done so ever since its salvation at the hands of seven archangels, or as they are more commonly known there; the Seven.

From the Radiant Forge to the Exalted Towers, from the Gardens of Nataniel to the Knightly Grounds, the City of Loniel has anything one can hope for. Whether one wants to have a pleasant stroll in the Lower Gardens or try their luck in the endless dunes of the Valley, Loniel is sure to have something to peak your interest.

As GMs, you may want to warn your players who want to play evil characters that doing so may be tricky here! Tricky, though not impossibled


Mindabar - The City of Malice

Mindabar is an evil-themed campaign setting for 5E. The setting consists of a giant city called Mindabar, a city that can appear in any realm, anywhere. It invites people who have pure wickedness in their hearts to fill its streets.

This campaign setting is suited for those who wish to play a campaign or adventure in an urban fantasy, for character parties of both good and evil. Evil characters can have the time of their lives here, as there are no laws, no boundaries, and no limits to wickedness in here. On the other hand, good characters can try to infiltrate or assault this gargantuan city, to try and destroy a dangerous primordial and its lich prophet.

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