Corpus Malicious

Corpus Malicious

Ready to play the villain? 

This book provides everything about evil in the realm of fantasy tabletop RPG. In its 400 pages, Corpus Malicious includes dozens of content and new rules of evil that can be used both by players and Game Masters!

As a player, you can discover truly evil options for your character. Corpus Malicious presents more than 40 archetypes, 100 new spells, many feats, and detailed rules for becoming a vampire, a werewolf, or even a lich!

As a Game Master, you can bring a new dimension to the alignments with the degeneration system, find new ways to corrupt your player characters with dozens of new monsters and villains, or bring more complexity to your game with new crafting rules, torture mechanics, poisoncraft, and more!  

This book can be used by both Game Masters and players for both good and evil campaigns. Do not forget that the greatest heroes are the ones defeating the greatest evil, and the darkest evil is the one casting purest light away.

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